Server Restart - Updates

Today restart fixed the following bugs that were brought up. 

  • Taming Pets - the collars will now work correct after taming a pet. 
  • Lastabad Main Gates - The cords to get into lasta has been updated and you can now walk to it. 
  • Weekday XP Pots - These can now be used any-day. There was a restriction on these when we had auto-events for XP and Karma. 

Double XP Event

To help players get started at 8pm EST on 9/23/16 (when the server is brought up). We will start a double XP event Starting from 9/23/16 at 8pm to 9/28/16 at 8pm EST. 

We are working on other events such as a halloween event for the month of October. We will keep everyone posted. 


Confirm Issue - Fixed

You can now click on your confirm link and it will activate your account. Sorry for the issue. 

**UPDATED 9/22/16 at 6:38PM EST** If you already clicked confirmed and still did not get your permissions for the forums please re-click the link in your email and you will be given the correct permissions.


Confirming Your Account

There is an issue with the code in the confirm file. I will have this resolved in the next few hours. Your accounts have been been created and all you'll need to do is click the confirm link in your email once I have the coding fix. 

Again this will be resolved in the next few hours. I'm currently at work and cannot fix it while I'm here.


Server Changes

We will be making the following server changes when we wipe the server. This list will be updated as we change more things. 

  • Change Donation Manger name to Skull Collector
  • Castle Siege change from Windawood to Giran
  • Remove some NPCs in TI that were not in the correct area
  • Place NPCs in SKT in their correct spots
  • Add Skull of Deception to Boss Drops - The drop rate will depend on how often they re-spawn. 
  • Remove Double XP and Karma auto-events every weekend.
  • Adjust drop rate for Fragment of Blood Stone to be comparable with TOS
  • Pets will be able to be tamed by using floating eye meat for all of them except Killer Rabbits, which will require carrots.
Keep checking back to see if we have added anything else to the list.

Server Online

Break Down(25)
Knight: 7 || Dark Elf: 1
Elf: 1 || Mage: 12 || Royal: 2
Illusionist: 0 || Dragon Knight: 2

KG Ring

+4 Cha
+1 SP

Castle Info

Sieges last 2 Hours and is every 2 days. Castle Pledges get a NPC Buffer, Weight Reduction of 12%, 10% EXP Bonus, and a Bonus Teleporter.

Giran: 2016-09-30 22:00:00 EST
Castle Owners: GameMasters

DeathMatch Times EST

1am | 9am | 1pm | 5pm | 9pm


Lineage & Lineage 2

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